Fee Structure

Online Diagnostics £19.99 + VAT

Problem finding with your faulty device. We offer excellent Remote Diagnostics Services. We will charge £19.99 + VAT for first 10 minutes and if the problem is fixed in this then there will be no additional charges, Any Repairing Charges may apply in addition to this if we have to spend more than 10 minutes.

Home User IT Repair £39.99 + VAT per hour

We have fixed rates for Home user repair. We charge by the hour for repairs where an estimate can not be provided dueto the nature of the fault. We would normally provide an estimate of work before starting the repair so the Home user can know the expected amount to pay.

Business User IT Repair £59.99 + VAT per hour

We have fixed rates for Business User repair. We charge by the hour to provide excellent professional services. Our Projects and Special Cases rates are different. Please contact us for Consultation & Bespoke Services Rates.

Collection & Return £19.99 Cash only or via PayPal

We provide a collection & return service for your faulty device. These rates are offered for anyone living withing 3 miles radius of TW13 7LX. Please contact us for more details or if you live outside this radius.

Data Recovery £39.99 + VAT Assessment Charges + Other costs

Data Recovery is very complex procedure and sometime even after spending a huge amount of time, one cannot provide 100% results. Our diagnostics service assessment charges are £39.99 + VAT, we will provide you with an estimate on the expected fee after this assessment. If you after the diagnostics and fee assessment decide that you do not want to recover any data then the minimum charges will be enforced which are £99 + VAT.

Computer / Tablet Repair £39.99 + VAT Minimum Charges + Parts cost

We would charge only £39.99 + VAT as a minimum charge to repair your Tablet or Computer. Parts price are separate and Service charges rates may be different for complex cases. Please call us to discuss.

Consultation Per Day £399 + VAT

We offer business \ personal full day consultation. We will provide professional consultation for your business or personal needs.

Andriod Mobile Phone Software Related Repair and Unlocking Starts from £30 + VAT

As various models of Android phones needs to be repaired and unlock with different methods so fee can depend on the work and model.


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